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2018 Important Dates

Important Meetings & Dates

  Activity Dates Where  
Meeting of Club Coordinators Did not occur  
Team Registration

Thru 3/23

(Survey Monkey)

Team Registration Meeting (Adjust divisions)
Coordinators Required; Coaches Welcome

Sunday 3/25

Newark School
Team Brackets Announced Monday 3/26 This Page
Field Availability Form (REQUIRED ALL CLUBS) Due By 4/14 Click Here
Scheduling Starts 4/21    
Preliminary Schedules Released 4/29 this site  
Clubs to Update Google Doc listings   Click Here  
Last Day to Request Game Changes   E-mail Coordinators  
Final Schedules Released   This site  
Coaches' Meeting                 All Coaches Required      
Games June/July    
  End-of-Season Review meeting      


Team Placements 2018

Team Registration meeting was on 3/25.   


  • 3/27: NRW dropped Girls U13 team

Current Results:

Girls 11a (5) Naples, Pal Mac, Williamson, SF United, Waterloo

Girls 11b/c (8) Marion, Waterloo, Newark, Yates, Geneva, Midlakes, Williamson, Waterloo

Girls 13a (5) Marion, Pal Mac, Williamson, SF United, Naples

Girls 13b (7Geneva, Midlakes , NRW, Waterloo, Yates, Whitman, Sodus

Girls 15a (7) Marion, Midlakes, Pal Mac, Williamson, NRW, Red Creek, Waterloo, (Yates is ?)

Girls 18a (9) Marion, Midlakes, Newark, Pal Mac, Williamson, Waterloo, SF, Midlakes/RedJacket

Girls 18b (3) NRW, Yates, Sodus, Red Creek, Naples

Boys 11a (5) Naples, Newark, Pal Mac, Williamson, SF

Boys 11b (10) Marion, Naples, Waterloo, Whitman, Geneva,
Midlakes, Newark, Williamson, Sodus, Naples2

Boys 13a (5) Marion, Pal Mac, SF, Williamson, Sodus

Boys 13b (5) Geneva, Newark, Waterloo, Whitman, Yates

Boys 15a (5) Naples, Newark, Pal Mac, Williamson, NRW

Boys 15b (5) Geneva, Marion, Midlakes, , Red Creek, Yates, (SF is a ?)

Boys 18a (7) Marion, Naples, Pal Mac, Williamson, SF, Sodus, Newark

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